FREE* FairFX Currency Card & £5.00 EXTRA BONUS if you load > £500!

FREE* FairFX Currency Card & £5.00 EXTRA BONUS if you load > £500!

Found 20th Jun 2011
The Cheapest Overall: FairFxNo spending or 'load' fees.…61f…ney

FairFX Euro Currency Card Special…ds/

Save from Ryanair booking fees too....
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A £5 bonus for £500 loaded? They are really pushing the boat out with this offer, aren't they?
* Minimum amount deposit allowed is £50.00

With the website above, not only you get to apply for the card for free, they even cashback £5 if you preload your EURO card £500 or more

Better deal compared to Deal of the week: Travel Money Card Plus by

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FairFX’s prepaid card carries no foreign spending fee, and can be topped up by debit card - though it does have a £9.95 application fee. Escape Travel Money and Caxton also offer prepaid cards which can be topped up for free.

Halifax has a Clarity credit card that allows currency to be withdrawn from overseas ATMs with no charge, with interest charged at a rate of 12.9 per cent, and no foreign exchange fee. Sainsbury’s Gold card charges no fees for overseas spending but costs £5 per month.
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