Free 'false book' panel
Free 'false book' panel

Free 'false book' panel

An odd one, this. A free sample of a fake book panel for anyone interested. Extracts from website below:

For Centuries people have been hiding library doors and cupboards with faux books. We have been doing it since 1990 and have covered everything from fridges and radiators to beds, hidden doors and flatscreen TV's.

A selection of our faux book panels can be seen below, to view our full range and buy online, visit our online shop.

If you'd like to receive a faux book panel sample to see the quality for yourself, please complete the form below.


Applied for this - I'm curious to see what it is - sounds a bit daft though!

Very strange freebie but my dad might like it, heat applied :roll:

Tis strange but will give it a go


"Made in Austria"



"Made in Austria" :whistling:

Are you suggesting they might be used to hide cellar entrances? Because that would a shocking thing to say:-D

Just applied for this myself, should be a laugh!! I can hide all my toffee now!!!!!

Just looked at the price of the ice bucket .....:thinking: nearly 200 quid :w00t:

Sent for a sample. http://img408.imageshack.us/img408/8484/haveagreatday5xq.gif

Weird! Must try one :-D


thanks, i can hide my books behind it,:p

Hide my booze for when the brother pops over ;-)

Cheers ~ Heat Added.

Hmmm, wonder how big the sample is

Lol, nice find....think the covers might look a bit out of place sitting next to my FHM magazine collection tho lol! :-D

thanks, applied for mine, strange thing though? voted hot

it doesnt mention what size the sample is, as it is free i would assumed that it would be about 4" x 6", just big enough to show the quality and texture of their items.

The thing is if a burglar broke in to your house these days, the first things he will do are

check all the tins in the cupboards - one of them might be these special "safe tins" that nobody can tell from
the real thing.

Check any small fire extinguishers - these might be the false ones for storing valuables.

Rip all your books of the book shelfs - you never know one of those could be the hidden safe.

Take all the pictures of the wall - you might have a real safe

Take the top of the toilet cistern - you may have a stash of coke

Check under the bed

Last but not least - ****** off, nobody stores anything but cheap **** in the rest of the house.

wow... the stuff you can get free these days!!
heat and rep added!

Hmmn, guess they had a lot of requests:

"We're sorry, our Request Form is temporarily unavailable, please call +44 (0)1285 641664 to request a sample."

Just had an email form them, You will only receive a single book spine, not a full panel, to give you an idea on the quality of the full item.
And as they are naturaly only interested in generating intrest in serious potential buyers I doubt anyone will receive anything.

I can even hide my 'toys' from the children...

I had the email as well, saying i did not tell them what type i wanted!? to much hassle for something im not going to use !!

Thanks, but temporarily out of stock. guess i just missed them!

Dear HotUKDeals Users,

We are a small manufacturing company in Gloucestershire who operate in quite a niche market – Faux Books for the use of covering doors, utility cupboards etc. We offer our potential customers a free sample of our product via our website, this is not a free item that is of any practical use – it’s simply a small sample to demonstrate the quality of our product.

We’re aware that this sample request has recently made it onto Hot UK Deals - and since then we’ve been inundated with requests (almost 1100 so far). Unfortunately, we have no way of distinguishing between these requests and the genuine enquiries we receive on a daily basis. Happy as we are to be talked about on such as popular website and to send samples to interested parties, I’m sure you can appreciate that it is a costly business sending out these product samples to customers that are not necessarily interested in purchasing the product.

We hope that those of you who are interested in our product range will get in touch to request a sample.

Many thanks & best wishes,

Don't you all remember old movies and stories?.......And you can still order "Books by the Yard" to fill wall space in home libraries.

These have been around for centuries, they're great, far better then a wall safe (Unless there's a fire of course) Thieves aren't interested in books, they're too stupid to read !

Good find, voted hot for historical & theatrical value; rep added.

But, I should add, I won't order one as it will be of little use.
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