Free Family Booster with T-mobile
Free Family Booster with T-mobile

Free Family Booster with T-mobile

Hi I received an email the other day from T-mobile stating that as a thanks for being with them I could sign up for the family booster for free (usually £5 a month). It states in the e-mail that if I know anyone else on T-mobile I could forward the e-mail to them, so I presume this offer is available to all T-mobile customers.

The booster allows you to text, call and picture message 4 other chosen T-mobile numbers for free! The only slight catch is the person who signs up for the Booster has to be on a Flext, Combi or Solo plan. Also fair usage applies!

See the following link for all the info: t-mobile.co.uk/ser…ee/

Offer ends 30/09/2009!!!


sorry this offer is currently not availiable was the text i got

Just tried it & got a text back - " not available at this time "

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I havent actually tried it myself as I dont have anyone out of my whole contacts list who is on T-mobile.Dont understand why it isnt working!!??

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Just text the number and mine worked. Suppose it may be only for the selected few sorry!!!

It's your deal - Its bound to work for you .

They give different deals to different people as rewards - It must be registered to your phone No.
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