Free Family Guy Mobile Game
Get Free Family Guy Mobile Game when you Text
GET GUY to 83900

From The Daily Star

Thanks to Nudge on MSE!


Hmmmm..... sent text and it sent me back a link to connect too but family guy was spelt Fumily Guy. Not sure about this one, has anyone else done this yet?

i just tried it and was sent the same message. might give this one a miss

Um just to let you all know you will be charged extra (especially on a contract) for texting that number...and on top of that more to browse and download which will use data (if it's not in your allowance/you're on PAYG)
Edited by: "Bhav007" 2nd Jan 2010

Not so free when you take into account the extra charges

clue is in the description - Daily Star.....

Why not post the link you was sent?


If anyone fancies having a go be my guest but personally I wouldn't go near anything that can't even spell the product properly.

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