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Not sure whether this has been posted before but worth a mention I think.

Anyway the new football season is nearly upon us and for those of you who like to take part in a bit of fantasy football I thought it was worth mentioning this site.

Barclays run a free premier league fantasy football competition, I have found it to be quite a good game and really challeneges your skills. There are also prizes every month for the best managers and prizes at the end of the season for the overall winners too.


I have been doing this one for the last couple of years and can highly recommend it. Completly free and by far the best fantasy football game. All done online so can have a league with friends no matter where they are in the world as long as they are online they can play. Also head to head leagues can be set up to play your weekly points against your friends weekly points in addition to normal way of getting points. TIPS When starting to settup dont worry about setting your team shirt colours or getting your team name exactly as you want as you can change these at anytime over the season. Transfers can be made as often as you like without penalty untill the season starts so you have plenty of time to sort a team (I used the "auto pick team" feature then edited the players that i wanted in or out over the next couple of days). It is run really well and any rules you are not sure of or questions that are not answered in the FAQ section, you can ask them a question and they get back to you usually the next day with an answer. 10/10

Done this for the last 4 years.

Go to Misc. There are a couple of HUKD leaguesw being run.

thanks for the reminder!, just won the world cup one in my mini league, ill give this one a shot

We'll be entering shortly

Hi, if you want a league to join then a code is 72139-29399

This is called the 666 league, but it's difficult!!
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