Free fat trap. Severn trent Water customers
Free fat trap. Severn trent Water customers

Free fat trap. Severn trent Water customers

Many people do not realise the harmful effects of disposing of fats, oils and greases (FOG) via the drains. FOG quickly solidifies when it hits the cool walls of the sewer and it sticks to the side. Other debris is then trapped and causes a blockage. With no way through, the waste water backs up the system, coming out of the drains, sewers, and potentially your home!

Collect kitchen fats, oils and greases in a container and dispose of them in the bin - for your free container please complete the form or call 0845 603 4413.


A lot of these have been posted

Just so that people know, this is just to pour your used fat into, and a jam jar does the same job (there was some confusion about what it did on other boards)

You can pour you fat into it then stick a load of bird seed and put some strong string in it. When it sets you can hang it out for the birds to feed on.................... then you get your pellet gun and shoot them lol (btw the last part was meant as a joke although prb not very funny)

I made bird feeders with nuts and lard, the birds loved it! This is basically the same

Let's see if they know that Brighton is not in the Trent area:giggle:

Thanks MrGrumpyman

Worthy device !

ta, just ordererd one

:whistling: im in cumbria i got one,hey its free haha :giggle:

here is a fat trap


Just received this on Friday - not sure how to use it yet ... will check it out at weekend! Enjoy your bank holiday!


Got mines too! nice one OP!
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