free Ferrari model car when you buy more than 30 litres of V-power Fuel

free Ferrari model car when you buy more than 30 litres of V-power Fuel

Found 8th Mar 2008
Six official Ferrari scale model cars to collect with Shell V-Power and Shell Helix Motor oil.

Between now and 7 May 2008 were giving away an official Ferrari scale model car with every 30 litre fill-up of Shell V-Power. You can also claim a Ferrari with 4 litre packs of Shell Helix Ultra 5W40 or 5 litre packs of Shell Helix Plus or Shell Helix Super.

There are six different Ferrari model cars to collect: Ferrari Formula One 2005*, 360 Spider, F430, F50, Enzo and Superamerica, a display of stunning performance and brilliant design.

If youre not filling up with Shell V-Power or Shell Helix Motor oil you dont have to miss out. For just £1.99 you can buy an official model Ferrari car and start to collect the whole set.
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will be filling up later on.....
got all of them already lol.

got all of them already lol.

someone works for shell :thumbsup:
How much is 30 liters

How much is 30 liters

About £40.
Id rather just buy them for 1.99 each (as i dont have a car lol) are they all available now or is it a different one every few weeks or something??

About £40.

LOL, £40 this week, £50 next week !!
[url][/url] - you know it makes sense :thumbsup:
With the way fuel prices are going they could give away real Ferraris and recover the cost from your additional fuel expenditure.

it takes about 5 litres of petrol to fill my car in winter - and 50 litres of vegetable oil - which has increased from 45p a litre to 75p a litre in two years.
anyone know if there will be free ferrari stickers this year? my son loved them last year!
As V-Power is 7p a litre more than unleaded, it's cheaper to buy the cars if you don't normally use super unleaded!
I bought 36l on April 21st and was told that the garage had run out of model Ferraris. I called in several times after and was told that they were still awaiting mew stock. On May 3rd. I was told that the promotion was over and I could not claim the care owed to me. Strangely, Shell claimed to be running the promotion until the 7th.
has anyone actually noticed the difference using this v power stuff. I personally think it is a big rip off
seemed to be used a lot quicker than normal fuel, i was in the works landy though!!!
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