Free Fibre Broadband Install & Free Router at Zen Internet

Free Fibre Broadband Install & Free Router at Zen Internet

Found 20th Dec 2012
Have been looking at upgrading to fibre broadband for a while but the activation fees and the cost of having to buy a new router seemed a bit excessive. Zen Internet are offering free line activation and a free fibre router if ordered before January. They are definitely one of the better Internet providers out there so seems a good deal to me.

Offer looks to be open to new and existing customers
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It's a good deal, if you can get it - but it's the equivalent of a store-specific deal. Useless for me as we're not in a fibre area (and unlikely it ever will be, as it's not a large town/city) but probably a good deal if you are!
Not a bad deal X)
Heh, put my phone number in and they want to downgrade me from 18MB to 6MB! I've was with Zen before and got 8MB.. They were always pretty reliable, but always also very expensive. I don't know if I could cope with all the extra bandwidth and the harsh download limits either.
Thanks will have a look at this ..
its expensive and limited, plusnet is better offer
£19.99 unlimited 76mb speed and halfprice for 6 months with free install and Quidco…660
is it get a better fibre signal if you eat brown bread ?
But Zen is for business broadband whereas plusnet is home
A good bargaining tool for a chat with VM tomorow... And I may well swap over if they don't pull their finger out.
Zen isn't just for business broadband, they do home as well. I've been with them for years. They may be a bit more expensive than other ISP's but you get what you pay for and on the very few occasions I've needed to call them they were brilliant. Hot for the offer but unfortunately I don't live in a fibre area (out in the sticks!)
Terrible and dishonest company. I would regularly call them if I could get a better speed than the 0.5 mb I was getting. Always told me no. I suspect because I had an unlimited line and they didn't want me to increase my usage. Switched to Plusnet because I got tired of paying £25 a month. After switching my speed increased to 3mb even though Zen told me just before then and countless occasions before 0.5mb was the best I could hope for.
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