Free file manager Ipod/Iphone/Ipad (USB Disk)

Free file manager Ipod/Iphone/Ipad (USB Disk)

Found 23rd Oct 2010
Absolutely fantastic file manager for apple devices. Was looking for an application that would read html for offline viewing and discovered this free gem.

Allows you to transfer devices to the apple devices and read the following:
PDF files.
MS Office documents.
iWork documents.
Pictures (jpg, png, gif, ...).
eBooks (pdf, html, txt, ...).
Audio files (mp3, m4a, wav, ...).
Video files (m4v, mov, some avi, ...).


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The app is called USB Disk


Great OP, Thanks!


need OS4

anyone know how much this costs?

Original Poster


anyone know how much this costs?


brilliant job - if it works.
will def give this a go. will feedback how i get one.

thanks for this.

Cant see how u get it you need Itunes downloaded to get this???

you need itunes to download it.
its a free app as such,
works OK -
transferred a few mp3's over - seems to play in its onw window.
tried to navigate thru the song & its took AGES to respond.
so the jury is out on this one then

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It's not the best media player, but as a document reader it's very useful especially if you've lots of non apple-friendly formats...

Nice, thanks

Just getting this now - thanks for the heads up.

A really good app - makes shifting files a lot easier. Now using my ipad instead of a usb memory stick - one less thing to carry around and lose.
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