Free Film CHARLIE BARTLETT (Monday 12 May 6.30 PM) - 5 Cinemas in Scotland
To get tickets, and for full details of time and location, simply go to seefilmfirst.com and enter the stv code:600711 . Availability is on a first-come, first-served basis - so don't spend too long checking your diary!

Cineworld, Aberdeen
Cineworld, Dundee
Cineworld, Edinburgh
Cineworld, Glasgow Renfrew Street
Cineworld, Falkirk

Thanks to farrell285 on MSE


brilliant - got two for glasgow, thanks!

Me too. Heat and rep added for you. Thanks

great, 2 for Glasgow too

Also got 2 for Glasgow

Thanks, H+R added!


i've seen this movie, its excellent! go see it! ur kids will be abusing prescription meds in no time! lawls

Thanks - got 2 for Dundee.....x


Saw this last year.

Not a bad film. Not great

pity it's only Scotland this looks good

Thanks for that - got a couple for Glasgow - and Rep to you too :-)

I downloaded the DVD ages ago and its an awesome movie, def go see it.


Thanks - got 2 for Dundee.....x

Me too see ya there maybe Heat & Rep added.



I downloaded the DVD ages ago and its an awesome movie, def go see it.

What you downloaded was the Workprint DVDr.

Still very good though.


wow first time i have actually been able to get tix for falkirk, i usually have to drive to glasgow or edinburgh. cheers

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Thanks everybody for heat, reps and replies....
gave me energy to find more...

Awesome film, saw it last night...I very rarely fall in flove with films but this was brilliant, go see it if you can

Got some for glasgow. I'll be the dork with all the videogame related **** on no doubt.

Thanks for the wee opinion starlet looking forward to it now!
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