Free Film - Fly Me To The Moon 3D - Sun 21st Sept 2008 11am (for kids)
Free Film - Fly Me To The Moon 3D - Sun 21st Sept 2008 11am (for kids)

Free Film - Fly Me To The Moon 3D - Sun 21st Sept 2008 11am (for kids)

Codes: 50032F or 78542F

Basingstoke (Odeon)
- Birmingham Broad Street (Cineworld)
- Blackpool (Odeon)
- Cardiff (Cineworld)
- Edinburgh (Cineworld)
- Glasgow Renfrew St (Cineworld)
- Manchester Trafford Centre (Odeon)
- Milton Keynes (Cineworld)
- Norwich (Odeon)
- Nottingham (Cineworld)
- Sheffield (Cineworld)
- Southampton (Odeon)

All tickets are subject to availability and will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Winners will be sent an email to print out and take to the cinema box office to gain entry. Winners are advised to arrive early at their chosen cinema to avoid disappointment. There is no late entry.

Exclusively in 3D animation, FLY ME TO THE MOON is the exciting tale of a brave young housefly, Nat and his two best friends, Scooter and IQ. Inspired by the heroic stories of his Grandpa (CHRISTOPHER LLOYD) and their dreams of visiting outer space, the three astronauts embark on an amazing adventure after sneaking aboard the Apollo 11 spaceship mission to the moon. The film also features the stellar voice talents of NICOLETTE SHERIDAN, KELLY RIPA and ROBERT PATRICK and an appearance by BUZZ ALDRIN himself. FLY ME TO THE MOON is a truly immersive 3D experience that will literally take you out of this world!


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If you are already a member of the Momentum Preview Club, don't login, just enter your name, an e-mail and the code to get tickets.

Movie website: flymetothemoonmovie.co.uk/

no tickets left for southampton


i've got 4 tickets for blackpool. thankyou! my kids will be made up!

:oops:None left for Glasgow

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Have 4 tickets to Edinburgh for the first PM I get :), decided to apply for tickets so someone could use them from here.

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no tickets left for southampton


:oops:None left for Glasgow

have added new code guys :thumbsup:

got 2 for glasgow thanks

Thanks choc1969. Got 4 for Norwich

thanks its my boys birthday that day.we just tickets for Basingstoke

Hmm, Doesn't seem to want to take the codes this morning? Anybody else having this problem?:?:

Damn stupid IE6, finally got the second code to work and there are none left for the Trafford Centre. :cry:

None in Hull :cry:

None in Manchester too

Coming up as "that promo code is no longer valid" for both codes for me - maybe expired?. Cheers again though anyway choc :thumbsup:

codes no longer valid - expired should be entered here

Does anyone have any tickets for the Southampton preview of Tropic Thunder that they would trade for tickets to the Southampton showing of this on the 21st (admits 4!). i just realised I will be away that weekend, but really really want to see Tropic Thunder

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no sure why this is expired but thank OP i have 3 tickets to Cardiff, it … no sure why this is expired but thank OP i have 3 tickets to Cardiff, it seems there are a few places left.Cardiff, Blackpool,Birmingham, plus loads more.

Looks like it was a glitch so peeps expired, have requested it be opened again :thumbsup:, thanks for letting me know

codes gone through for Birmingham, it wasn't working last night.............thanks

no one in my local area..........

man, Brighton never get free tickets!

none left for Basingstoke....rarely have tickets available and I was too slow this time.

How come Sunderland Cinemas always get the go by, even tho we are now a city with a huge new one:x
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