Free film "Left For Dead"

Free film "Left For Dead"

Found 29th May 2009
Hi, first post so I'm bound to mess up.

"Welcome to the Left for Dead screening area! You can choose to watch a streaming version of the film online or download your free copy ?he choice is yours!

LEFT FOR DEAD was the debut film by TEN DEAD MEN producer-director team of Phil Hobden


Okay so you don't believe the reviews we have are REAL reviews. Let me show you a few of our REAL reviews.

'John Woo Styled action in a UK Setting'
Kim Newman - Empire Magazine

'If this film had been made in the 70's Tarantino would cite it as an infulance'
Mike Leeder - Impact Magazine

Matthew Sanderson - “Taking low budget action cinema to new levels of delirium and viciousness, Left For Dead happens to be an amazing adrenaline rush of a film”
Matthew Sanderson,

“Left for Dead is one hell of an action movie… pushing the action to extremes while maintaining an engaging plot” 4/5
Mark Pollard,

“bloody and violent martial arts action… the fights come at you furiously… Left For Dead, thankfully, differs from the norm” -6.5/10
Gregory Conley,

‘Sets a whole new standard for digital video production… the UK movie scene just got its butt kicked!’ 4.5/5
Dean Meadows, VENGEANCE Magazine

If you don't believe me check out the sites. Did we pay/bribe them? We had very little money to make the film... I wish we could have. But als our pockets aren't that deep at all.

Have we had bad reviews? Yep. Check out Dragons Den Review. They hated 'Left For Dead'. But then some people liked it. Hence why we hit No9 Best Seller on

So... hope this helps!

Phil Hobden

IMDB rating of 3.7 - but don't be put off by that :thumbsup:

Is this a joke 30 seconds of this tosh is enough

I'd rather watch LEFT FOR HEAD.

omg.....never seen so much crap............................

voted cold

my 1yr old can act better than that in his sleep
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