Free Film Preview - Kenny Thursday 27th Sep, London only
Free Film Preview - Kenny Thursday 27th Sep, London only

Free Film Preview - Kenny Thursday 27th Sep, London only

Free tickets for Kenny

ODEON, Panton Street
ODEON, Whiteleys
ODEON, Swiss Cottage
ODEON, Greenwich
ODEON, Surrey Quays

6:30PM showing

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Kenny, took the Australian Box Office by storm with this hilarious comedy.
Here we have a chance for you to see it before it opens in cinemas, nationwide on Friday.

Kenny is a divorced, thirty-something portaloo toilet installer. He identifies himself as a plumber, while his father openly refers to him as a 'glorified turd-burglar', and his bourgeois brother finds it embarrassing to be in his company. His wife has left him and taken their son. His mother (with whom he was very close) passed away several years earlier.

Kenny is good at his job and refuses to change careers to placate others.
His life, at first glance, seems fairly routine - he's a meat-and-three-veg kind of guy who enjoys a beer and the odd fart joke.

Then summer arrives and 'every ******* starts having a festival'. Kenny's life is thrown into chaos. With real Melbourne events such as The Melbourne Cup, Calder Park Street Drag Racing, Australian International Airshow and the St Kilda Festival as a backdrop, Kenny demonstrates his star qualities.

In the middle of summer, when Kenny thinks he is on top of his annual chaos, his boss asks him to attend a trade expo in Nashville, USA. Kenny steps out of his overalls for the first time and nervously boards an international flight. His discomfort is evident, but by both breaking and fixing one of the plane's toilets, he strikes up a friendship with an air hostess.

Kenny fumbles his way through the trade expo and unfamiliar corporate world.
He inadvertently schmoozes a deal to sell his company's 'corporate bathroom'
to a Japanese firm, after having befriended a Japanese executive whom he calls 'The Sushi Cowboy'.

Upon his return to Australia, Kenny is faced with both career and family dilemmas. His 70 year old father is in hospital and needs an operation. His boss offers him a managerial position which would involve trading his overalls for a suit. Even though this would please his father, ex-wife and boss, Kenny decides that his current role makes him who he is, and therefore decides to stick to the camaraderie of his mates and concentrate on his personal life.
- creamhackered

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