Free Film Screening of Anvil ! The Story of Anvil
Free Film Screening of Anvil ! The Story of Anvil

Free Film Screening of Anvil ! The Story of Anvil

Free screening from seefilm first on Tues 10 Feb at 18.30. Various locations: Bristol, Cardiff, Castleford, Crawley, Edinburgh, Glasgow, High Wycombe, Liverpool, Milton Keynes, Nottingham, Sheffield, Stevenage, West India Quay.

Go to seefilm first website and enter code 295071 (new code from before) (make sure you are signed up first though)

This is the real life "Spinal Tap" story of Canadian Heavy Metal band Anvil.


Good find - heat added

Thanks Kvee - Cardiff still available

Thanks OP - been trying for ages on the old codes, finally got me some tickets on this nice shiny new code.

wah hay! finaly got some free tickets! 1st time ever! heat added

Heat added

Bristol still available.


And yet again no cinemas any where near that I would not need a sledge and huskies to get to, oh well, great find hotted up some, whish my driveway was.!

Still some at Edinburgh, cheers!

Got tickets for Cardiff, thankyou

nice one 2 for Shef

many thanks, just got 2 for liverpool:thumbsup:

thanks for posting, voted hot but no screenings in my area

Nice got some for Castleford!

Heat added.

good find mate.. heat added.

For the first time I managed to get tickets too! Was quite a good film as well...


Was quite a good film as well...

:? Did you seen the same film i saw then? :?

It was just a documentry that i thought wasn't even good enough to be shown on the TV nevermind the cinema. I'd have been gutted if i'd paid to see it :w00t:
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