free film season with Action for Children (NCH)
free film season with Action for Children (NCH)

free film season with Action for Children (NCH)

Action for Children is proud to present our first season of films about transformation.

We want to highlight the challenges that children and young people face, and our long-term approach to helping them overcome those challenges. We have teamed up with DCM, Picturehouse, Theatr Mwldan and Queen's Film Theatre to offer free tickets to three great films on the first Sunday of each month in March, April and May 2009.
Stand by Me film

The three films are:

* Sunday 1 March: Stand by Me
* Sunday 4 April: Juno
* Sunday 3 May: Son of Rambow

Free film tickets
You can claim two free tickets for any of the screenings. All you have to do is download one voucher and take it along to your local Picturehouse cinema in advance of the screening. The cinema will exchange the voucher for a ticket to the next scheduled film. And then settle back and enjoy a great film!

* Get a film voucher

A cinema near you

The three films will be screening in the following cinemas at these times:

* Ritzy Picturehouse, Brixton, London - 12 noon
* Harbour Lights Picturehouse, Southampton - 11am
* Greenwich Picturehouse, London - 12 noon
* Clapham Picturehouse, London - 12 noon
* Picturehouse at FACT, Liverpool - 12 noon
* City Screen Picturehouse, York - 12 noon
* Phoenix Picturehouse, Oxford - 12 noon
* Cameo Picturehouse, Edinburgh - 12 noon
* Theatr Mwldan, Cardigan - 10.45am
* Queens Film Theatre, Belfast - 12 noon

Stand by Me

Experience, friends and time can do amazing things to us, as Gordie finds out in this classic film when he attempts to overcome the death of his brother by setting out with his friends Chris, Teddy and Vern to find his body in the woods.

When Juno MacGuff finds herself pregnant after a one-night stand with her friend Bleeker, her life is turned upside down. But, with the help and unwavering support of her family and friends, Juno comes through this life-changing experience.

Son of Rambow
Far from being about a childs re-make of Rambo, Son of Rambow explores how societys conventions can separate two friends. Will and Carter learn the hard way that without being there for each other, the challenges of Wills tough Plymouth Brethren background would just be too much.


Great deal, unfortunately by the time I have paid to travel to any of these places it's cheaper to buy the blu ray let alone the dvd lol

Good find. Shouldnt it be in Freebies however?:roll:

Nice find, thanks!
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