Free Film - The Rocker - 13th October - Vue Cinemas
Free Film - The Rocker - 13th October - Vue Cinemas

Free Film - The Rocker - 13th October - Vue Cinemas

A New Code for 'The Rocker' from Total Film Magazine
Previews are Monday, October 13th 2008, 6:30PM at Vue Cinemas

To get tickets go to seefilmfirst.com and enter this code: 711839

Vue, Acton
Vue, Basingstoke Festival Place
Vue, Birmingham Star City
Vue, Bristol Cribbs
Vue, Cambridge
Vue, Cheshire Oaks
Vue, Croydon Grants
Vue, Edinburgh Ocean Terminal
Vue, Leeds Light
Vue, Leicester
Vue, North Finchley
Vue, Oxford
Vue, Plymouth
Vue, Portsmouth
Vue, Reading
Vue, Romford
Vue, Shepherds Bush
Vue, Staines
Vue, York
Vue, West End


this is printed b4...ive got tickets for cribbs, but has any one ever been there beofre with the printout and had it accepted?? also, i cant find vue at cribbs, only cineworld???

Thanks got 2 tickets :thumbsup:

Thanks for the posting! Heat added!

missed out for Birmingham, they go sooooooooooo fast

Thanks, voted hot got 2 for cheshire oaks, rep added

Thanks! (rep added)


These may actually be for August.....am keeping a close eye on my email box in case it is a mistake, as seen in another forum.

Seen a few trailers for this - it stars the guy who plays the assistant manager in the US Office (was also the teacher in the Last Mimzy) and the newsroom boss from Over to You (Kelsey Grammer's C4 show). It looked pretty funny - the kind of film Jack Black would be good in - but not on near me unfortunately. Voted hot.

None at Croydon Grants.

None left in London (Shepherd's Bush) either... Thanks anyway!

None in Romford

none at bristol

None at Inverness. Shock.
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