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Free - F.I.S.T.: Forged In Shadow Torch @ Epic Games

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Day 12 freebie. Available 26/12 1600.


Explore more than a dozen unique areas in a Metroidvania style map. The Fist, Drill, and Whip are three weapons with completely different fighting styles that offer seamless switching between high combo, high damage, and long range attacks.
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    What are we thinking for tomorrow?
    It's severed steel tomorrow then mortal shell the day after.


    The same person leaked all the other free games so it's fair to say it'll be those two games. (edited)
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    Is it just me or has epic been pants this year?! Last year was a much better selection.
    Total War Warhammer, Death Stranding, Bloons TD 6, Borderlands 3, Wolfenstein, Maneater, Supraland, Ark, Fallout 3, Ring of Pain, Bioshock... There was plenty of good stuff this year imo, just have to sift through the junk just like every year
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    Be quick with this one. It'll start out as a deal for FIST: Forged in Shadow Torch but Epic will likely downgrade it to FINGER: Alone in the Dark if today's deal was anything to go by! (edited)
    Cannot get over what a quality comment this is!
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    Bin wanting to play this
    Absolute trash
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    Hopefully it's a nicer experience than the last time I was offered a free fist...
    I still miss you x
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    How do you get this deal
    You wait until 4pm tomorrow afternoon when it goes live and then click to add it your epic games account, as stated above.
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    Ppl complaining about free / gifted games summarised modern life
    Seriously, is this community just mostly children or something? It's been utterly embarrassing to watch.
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    Why does Sony not do stuff like this?
    Because the market leader doesn't need to be the nice guy. Eventually that stuff catches up to them and they stop being market leader, then you'll see much more and better offers.

    Specifically consoles though.
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    Not a Director's Cut version ? How dare they ?
    It was the directors cut, you just missed it
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    What's been the standout so far? My son has missed them all this year, but perhaps he'll be more interested next year
    Today with Death Stranding.....the other days have been ok for free......
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    The movement and map design is really good in this game but, my God, the writing is some of the worst I've seen. It's like they translated the script to English and told some bad voice actors to read it verbatim. It's awful. Terrible story and characters too.

    I recommend skipping the cutscenes and play for gameplay only.
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    Looks like a great game thanks
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    What a cracking game
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    first free epic game this year i will actually be playing
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    When does this go live?
    4pm tomorrow (edited)
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    how about now? it's really death stranding?
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    4pm tomorrow afternoon when it goes live
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    I needed the Callisto Protocol today
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    Thanks Deal..