Free Fitness First Gym UK 1-Day Guest Pass
Free Fitness First Gym UK 1-Day Guest Pass

Free Fitness First Gym UK 1-Day Guest Pass

Fancy getting yourself in shape? Fitness First, one of the largest gyms in the world, is offering visitors a free one-day trial pass. Simply follow the online instructions to obtain yours (it's really easy!). All Fitness First gyms have start of the art facilities and even offer free health checks by qualified personal trainers. (UK Only)


Hmmmmm me suspects that the old "cat to catch a mouse" trick is being played here......

1 day and 2 day passes are normally always available here... (Check out website for further details)

..... As exercise releases the natural endorphins in us, it quicly becomes a natural high and people want more... So, they sign up..... Also, remember that the Personal Trainers and so on, really push it to you as to why you should join when you attend the free session.
(Inductions and so on.)
Fitness First, (without corporate subsidy) is a fairly expensive gym to go to...... And whilst you may argue you get what you pay for.... Its a lifestyle choice not really a "Deal" per sai if you know what I mean?

Anyway, talking of being fit - I'm off to chase those fit birds!

I registered for a free weekend pass and refused to commit to a monthly DD after. They called me every week, at one point nearly every day trying to get me to sign up. Never again.

I'd stay well away from these lot, once your on their marketing list only God himself can get you removed. The unlimted times they contact you by calls and text messages, even the threat of legal action did not deter them and they still kept calling me.
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