FREE FOOD - LITERALLY @ Grilled Out in Gerrards Cross

FREE FOOD - LITERALLY @ Grilled Out in Gerrards Cross

Found 11th Feb 2010
FREE FOOD - but today only!

Ok this is gonna be for a very limited number of people but wow, what a deal.

A new restaurant called Grilled Out has opened today near my work in Gerrards Cross.
They are doing FREE FOOD until 9pm tonight.
Just had a free chicken burger and it was very nice.

The phone number for them is 01753 886889 if you wanna check it out.
The address is 2a Ethorpe Crescent, Gerrards Cross, sl9 8pn.

They've even got some security on the door lol as i guess they're expecting a rush.
Was only about 8 people in the queue when i was in there.

They do allsorts ...all kinds of different burgers, chicken, kebabs, whole chickens, chicken wings, salmon, paneers, shawarmas as well as hot dogs etc.

Well worth popping in if you're anywhere near

It's just next to the odeon cinema in Gerrards Cross.


Their plan is obviously working then! :-D

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A genius marketing plan in my eyes.
Was nice grub too :thumbsup:

P.S Thank to whoever added an image ;-)

My GF has a pal who lives in a flat nearly opposite this
just phoned her & woke her up,lol.
She's off to stuff her face even as i type this.
Heat & rep added.:thumbsup:

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Glad it helped someone :thumbsup:
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