Free for Christmas Day kindles (via Amazon), Ip Dip Sky Blue (save £1.99)

Free for Christmas Day kindles (via Amazon), Ip Dip Sky Blue (save £1.99)

Found 25th Dec 2014
Had to post up something to say Thanks and Happy Christmas. My best find here was probably the iPad I got a while ago, but I reckon I've saved a small fortune and had some extra treats in life since I've been here.

Anyway, in the spirit of the season, I thought a touch of free romance and comedy would fit. Here's the blurb:

When Jack Swallow finishes university, he applies for a coveted job at the British Library.

'Jack’s world is thrown upside down when he arrives for his interview early and sees that his girlfriend and would-be fiancée, Paige, has applied for the very same position. Paige is offered the job and ends their relationship on the same day, leaving Jack moping at his parents’ house and in no mood to do anything about moving on.

It’s Jack’s mum who eventually takes the initiative. She sends him up to Portobello, Scotland, to house-sit while his aunt’s away in India. As if being sent north of the border wasn’t bad enough, he’s also got to look after Aunt Em’s treasured Border Collie dog, Sheba, while he’s there.

One dog-related calamity follows another, and Jack’s ready to throw in the towel. On one occasion, however, it seems that Sheba’s energy and mischief may have actually worked in his favour when her antics lead to him meeting the lead singer in a local indie-music band.

It could be fate. Then again, it could just be another roller-coaster ride in the making.'

Cheers. :o)


You know what OP?, luvvvvvv'ing the Description of this alone ... lol.

Heat from me. :-)


It's only a short story.

Original Poster

amour3K - You and me both.

prowla - It says it's a novella and certainly felt chunky enough to me (96 pages it says, and that took me almost 2 hours). More importantly, it made me laugh and feel warm inside on Christmas Eve (unless that was the mulled wine!). Also loved the cover.

It's there if you like the look.

I nearly fell asleep reading the Amazon blurb, sounds like the most boring book ever. Even free I don't want it in my account.
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