Free foreign cheque deposit (under £50) with Barclays

Free foreign cheque deposit (under £50) with Barclays

Found 1st Jun 2014
I think this has been the case for a while, but it is not well-publicised and certainly not on HUKD.

Most banks will charge a negotiation/collection fee if you deposit a foreign cheque of any amount (for example, £7 at First Direct, even for a $15 cheque).

At Barclays, "Cheques under the equivalent of £50 are free to process, while those between £50 and £100 will cost £4 per cheque. The fee for cheques over this amount is calculated at 0.25% of the sterling equivalent with a minimum fee of £9, maximum of £60."
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Thanks. Good to know!
This is good for cheques under £50. Halifax used to do something similar many years ago, but last time I checked with them they told me it was no longer the case.

I think Barclays must be unique in regards to this now.
I have a Barclays account so if anyone wants to send me any cheques i will deposit them in my account without charging you.
Wow, a couple of years ago Barclays tried to sting me £15 plus 14%. On a $50 cheque lol.
Nationwide no longer process cheques under $200 so this is good.
Actually the amount is higher than that, typically the bank hasn't charged for cheque negotiation for some time, generally costs are reflected in the prevailing currency rate for the day it is cashed. This is also branch dependent and how often you use the facility. i.e. more you use it the less it costs so to speak.
if they are low value I generally put them together until I get round to going to the bank
So you can deposit foreign cheques and not cash over the counter!!
This is good - I used to be a branch manager for them. U were charged and cheques took weeks to be processed x
Reads well with this: Your text here
Nice one. I think I'll close my foreign currency account. They charge a fortune for it.
Just for the record, on the day my cheque cleared, the exchange rate on XE (…=1M ) was 1.67 and I recieved $1.72 = £1, so not too bad.
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