Free Fresh Out The Box - Mr. Gone Album (plus other downloads)

Free Fresh Out The Box - Mr. Gone Album (plus other downloads)

Found 10th Feb 2017
I thought some of you might be interested in this free digital download album. reviews on Amazon are good but you can get it directly from the label.

According to Discogs it was released in 2002 and tagged as Acid Jazz, Deep House, Downtempo genres.

There are some other free downloads on that page that are definitely worth looking at.

Free download of the Fresh Out The Box album by Mr.Gone. This album was previously released in the USA only and is still available for sale on iTunes etc. but you can get it for FREE here! This is also a bit of a special version of the album in that it contains the LP versions of both 'Fusão' and 'Just Listen to The Record', neither of which were available on the UK or US versions of the CD release.

Track listing:-

1. Fusao
2. Les Cinq Notes Magiques (Sao Paolo)
3. Equation: Boogie (Smooth J. Mix)
4. Mosquito Coast 2000
5. Freash Out The Box
6. La Pomme D'adam
7. Just Listen To The Record (Instr.)
8. That's An Earthquake
9. The Duke
10. I Love Jazz! (DJ Spook's Re-Mash)
11. Dance Like Nobody's Looking
12. Mosquito Coast '98 (Down To The Bone Remix)
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I guess not many of you are into this kind of music then... a freebie going cold?
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