Free [email protected] Organic Beauty Care
Free Friday@Suvarna Organic Beauty Care

Free [email protected] Organic Beauty Care

On the third Friday of every month in May and June we are going to be offering at least 5 lovely organic products for free, with free UK delivery*, without any obligation to purchase anything.

Keep watching - the 7 free products will appear one by one at intervals throughout the day.

The following lovely products from our range will be offered for free!

1 Sante Soft Red Lip Liner Pencil
1 Sante Aubergine Red Lip Liner Pencil
1 Sante Lotus and White Tea Peeling Cream (Exfoliant)
1 Sante Nail Varnish Brown Red
1 Sante Mahogany Red Natural Lipstick
1 Sante Rose Eye Shadow Pencil
1 Natural Shiny Lipstick Shiny Cocoa

The items will appear on this site at intervals throughout the day starting at 7am GMT.
* Free products will have free delivery in UK. There will be a delivery charge to send them abroad.

As it is difficult to sit at the PC and watch freebies to appear, it would have been a good idea if anyone who spots the freebie could post them here, please. Thank you!


Been looking since 7am can't find freebies

me too !

me three!!!

looks like a clever con.

me four !

me five!!!!! haha lol

Yes I agree it does look like a clever con.

This has just appeared on the website:

Having the page open on your computer is not sufficient to see when a free product appears you must keep refreshing the page.

There has been an enormous response to this offer and there are many people on the website at the same time. When a product appears many people can have it in their basket at the same time and it is a race to get to the checkout.

When you have the free product on your basket it doesn’t mean you have secured it. Someone else could have it in their basket too, and may get to the checkout before you. If the product suddenly disappears from your basket it means that someone else has gone through the checkout before you. Only when you have completed the checkout process and received the confirmation email do you know that you have got the product.

I actually got the Exfoliating stuff earlier. However it seems the site has crashed now!

I just added one to basket, but when checked out it had gone, I had been refreshing often too. Seems not often enough >

if you have firefox you can get an addon to do the refreshing for you:

addons.mozilla.org/en-…ry/ - Cached

then just leave it going.

I got a free nail varnish and a free lip liner!

Thank you!

Original Poster

nice one, glad somebody finally managed to get something..:D....no luck for me though....

I watched for a while. Pleased that someone got something. x
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