Free From itunes REASONS NOT TO BE AN IDIOT-Frank Turner

Free From itunes REASONS NOT TO BE AN IDIOT-Frank Turner

Found 29th Jan 2009
Itunes must be doing this "Free Single Of The Week " thing again.
Just downloaded mine.
Maybe not everyone cup of tea but its FREE
Apologies if already posted :o)


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This should have been listed under FREEBIES section!!!
I thought it WAS and i dont know how to move it.
Can anyone help please ?
Thanks in advance

Heat added.

It's kept the misses occupied cause she loves the song! lol

Ooohhhh J'adore Frank Turner :P

They've been doing it for years, every week, and its never stopped as far as i know.

Saying that its a good reminder for those that have never seen it. Tuesday is iTunes day when the new freebie is released.

Also there's the 99p film rental of the week. This changes every Tuesday too.

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Oh thank you milesy29
I wasnt aware they did freebies all time but now i know i'll check it out every Tuesday :thumbsup:

Frank turner is good :-)

Frank Turner is awesome, check out his albums ]Love, Ire and Song and ]Sleep is for the Week, quality folk/punk rock, a modern day Billy Bragg if you will. Also, worth checking out his old band ]Million Dead, especially the album ]Harmony, No Harmony. Saw Frank several times last year, great live, and a great bloke.

Oh, and if you like Frank, check out his piano player ]Chris T-T too. I don't know either of them personally, just a big fan

Awesome track..

agree with Token Skinhead, people should check out the past releases
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