Free fuel Friday In Maidstone at 4pm
Free fuel Friday In Maidstone at 4pm

Free fuel Friday In Maidstone at 4pm

At a petrol station in Maidstone at 4 o'clock today first 20 cars get £25 of free fuel. No good to me as i don't live near enough lol but may help someone on here out

Free Fuel Friday is Back!
There's no such thing as a free lunch, but at Invicta FM we do have Free Fuel! We've teamed up with Norwich Union Car Insurance to bring you more Free Fuel this August.

Every Friday during the Home Run with Neil Kefford, it's your chance to fill up on us. Our Invicta FM Thunders will be somewhere in Kent ready to fill up the first 20 cars with £25 worth of free fuel.


I don't live anywhere near there but I bet there may be some queues


This is not a deal. Try Competitions.

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i put it under freebies but will expire now anyway as i'm sure 20 people will have got their free fuel by now...

They were doing this near me as well, in Chichester, heard it on the radio and dashed to petrol st, got £25 of free fuel, really chuffed!


It's a GCAP One Network promotion on most of these stations:

[url]www.brmb.co.uk/[/url] - Birmingham
[url]www.foxfm.co.uk/[/url] - Oxfordshire
[url]www.reddragonfm.co.uk/[/url] - South Wales
[url]www.powerfm.co.uk/[/url] - Hampshire
[url]www.southernfm.co.uk/[/url] - Sussex
[url]www.invictafm.co.uk/[/url] - Kent
[url]www.mercuryfm.co.uk/[/url] - Crawley
[url]www.2crfm.co.uk/[/url] - Bournemouth
[url]www.2tenfm.co.uk/[/url] - Reading
[url]www.chilternfmdunstable.co.uk/[/url] - Hertfordshire/Bedfordshire/Buckinghamshire
[url]www.beaconshropshire.co.uk/[/url] - Shropshire
[url]www.beaconradiowestmids.co.uk/[/url] - Wolverhampton
[url]www.bedfordschilternfm.co.uk/[/url] - Bedfordshire
[url]www.champion103.co.uk/[/url] - North West Wales
[url]www.coast963.co.uk/[/url] - North Wales Coast
[url]www.ramfm.co.uk/[/url] - Derby
[url]www.essexfm.co.uk/[/url] - Essex
[url]www.horizonmk.co.uk/[/url] - Milton Keynes
[url]www.geminiexeter.co.uk/[/url] - Exeter and East Devon
[url]www.geminitorbay.co.uk/[/url] - Torbay and South Devon
[url]www.gwrfmbath.co.uk/[/url] - Bath
[url]www.gwrfmbristol.co.uk/[/url] - Bristol
[url]www.wiltshiresgwrfm.co.uk/[/url] - Wiltshire
[url]www.hereward.co.uk/[/url] - Peterborough
[url]www.lanternfm.co.uk/[/url] - Barnstable
[url]www.leicestersound.co.uk/[/url] - Leicestershire
[url]www.marchersound.co.uk/[/url] - Chester and North East Wales
[url]www.merciafm.co.uk/[/url] - Coventry
[url]www.northants96.co.uk[/url] - Northamptonshire
[url]www.orchardfm.co.uk[/url] - Somerset
[url]www.plymouthsound.co.uk/[/url] - Plymouth
[url]www.q103.co.uk/[/url] - Cambridgeshire
[url]www.radiobroadland.co.uk/[/url] - Norwich
[url]www.severnsound.co.uk/[/url] - Gloucesteshire
[url]www.sgrcolchester.co.uk/[/url] - Colchester
[url]www.sgrfm.co.uk/[/url] - Ipswich
[url]www.trentfm.co.uk/[/url] - Nottinghamshire
[url]www.hertsmercury.co.uk/[/url] - Hertfordshire
[url]www.wirralsbuzz.co.uk/[/url] - The Wirral
[url]www.wyvernfm.co.uk/[/url] - Hereford and Worcester
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