Free Game: Broken Sword 2.5
Free Game: Broken Sword 2.5

Free Game: Broken Sword 2.5

Broken sword is a fantastic game franchise and now you can get 2.5 for free. Its a fan created thing but i can vouch for it and say its really amazing.

To run the game with english voiced you will need to download an addtional voice pack (150MB)

Honestley this game will keep you ammused for days!

Instructions for english install

First you must download and install Broken Sword 2.5. After you install the game , you download the english speech pack (171 MB) , unzip it and copy the new files in the game directory , overwriting the old ones (there's no automatic installer). The english voice pack also includes all previous updates for the game so you don't need to download anything else. Note that when you first start the game , the menus will still be in german. Just click on "optionen"( which naturally means "options") and select the english language.


Cheers, will give it a go. Loved the original ones, think I still have some to play on Steam :@)

Downloaded it last time it was on here. Cant recomend it to be honest, voice acting and art direction is quite poor. Both of which are important in an adventure game

Really enjoyed The Shadow of The Templars so will give this a whirl, cheer op

Downloaded the game and voice pack but cant get it to work also it will onley play in window mode so no full screen any1 help thanks.
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