FREE game of bowling for up to 6 people at AMF Bowling

FREE game of bowling for up to 6 people at AMF Bowling

Found 14th Aug 2008Made hot 14th Aug 2008
To claim your free game of bowling you need to register to receive news and offers on the following link…spx

They will then email you the voucher which you print out and take with you - full details in the email.

I'ts only valid for 1 month from when you register - great free day out to entertain the kids while on summer hols!


That's great. six people bowling should take about 1 hour. Thanks a lot for this.

great thanks for that...nice find

I dont know why Chester or Cheshire Oaks are never included in these deals grrrrr there all too far away for me and my clan!

Good deal for everyone else though lol

Great deal, thanks!

*edited* as i re-read the bottom of the email.

Thanks OP ...... cheers....

Good mine now and will take the kids before they go back to school!! Heat added.:thumbsup:

Posted before, been using it ages.

Yes, you can use a different e-mail, and possibly a fake name and get as many free games as you want (tried and tested).

Ooh wicked, looks like theyve done it again =) i must of had like 20 games before for free lol


Hot!! free bowling, can't complain at that, heat added and rep :thumbsup:
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