Free game on O2!

Free game on O2!

Found 4th Dec 2006
Every Monday in December, O2 are giving away a free Electronics Art game for your mobile!

Choose from: Need for Speed Carbon, FIFA 06, The Sims 2 or Tetris.

You don't even have to pay for the download bandwidth

Note: This is limited to one download per customer - so go grab yourself a few free O2 sims and download a few cool games to your mobile!

To get access, simply call 2112 from your mobile and they'll text you a link - be patient though, it took about an hour for my link to appear.
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nice one - thanx!
which game would you reccomend?

also they sent me the link yesterday am I able to use it today?
I downloaded the Need for speed Carbdon game.... Kinda fun if you are a racing fan, but a little difficult to control on my K750i. You use button 4 and 6 to turn left/right, and 5 to "drift". Bit awkward, but fun.

Mum got the sims 2, which i already had on my phone (downloaded ages ago)... But game, but slow and repetitive. Fun for younger teens.
I got the Tetris game,


I have called tonight & also my son, many thanks
Note that it says in the terms and conditions that it's only free if you download from the link on a Monday, other wise you will be charged! :x
I was just thinking, since the games get saved to your phone, maybe you could use all your free sims and get loads of the games ??
I received this text on the first monday of december , tried it and it worked. I should of posted it on here but someone else beat me to it
this is for every Monday of the month.
Didn't work for me.

Got the link, went to the download, clicked download. Nothing happened.

Now it says you've already downloaded your free game, click here to download again, so I did and it comes up with an error. Tried quite a few times with no luck.

Got a Samsung D500. Just the phone that wont accept it? Wouldn't have thought it would have a problem?

Eroor processing the download request.

This is what comes up.
got my game thanks! does it then charge u if u play the game on any other day than mons in dec?
Once downloaded the game is yours to keep, you just can't download it on any other day.

It's like going to HMV on a Monday and they have get 1 game free and you take up the offer, once you have it it's yours so don't worry about getting charged.

Would be nice if it let me download the game though!
my sons phone says"subscribe to packet data first "then link not available"

he is on pay as you go, nokia 6280
anyone advise me on this,
You need to have 02 Active installed to get the games
enter details on website
Make of Phone (from a drop down list)
Phone number
They then send you settings to allow O2 Active
Does not work on Pay up front for Life
done that and it worked, followed the link in the message and it says "no games are available for your phone"

any more help;-);-)xxxx
got mine today!!!
Using the free 02 sims, I've now got all the games on mine and my wifes mobile ;-)

So no more wifey stealing my mobile to play tetris!!!
Done that for O2 Active and it says:

O2 Settings Sorry, we have been unable to process your request. Please … O2 Settings Sorry, we have been unable to process your request. Please ensure that you entered the right mobile number and model number (IMEI).

I do have some crap luck don't I. First the free credit doesn't work and now this!
I already have O2 Active lol!

Still not working though. Also downloaded a game for £2.50 last night and it didn't work either.

Anyone got a Samsung D500 and had the same problems? Where does it download to? Bloody annoying this is!
if u have already downloaded a game, can u get another one the following monday?
no - one game per sim unfortunately, but if you grab yourself a few free sims then you can keep downloading them each monday

Sorry Winchy - no idea why it's not working for you
I've emailed o2 and asked them, they said it should work and given me a load of settings to enable the phone to work. EXACTLY the same settings already on the phone! So i've asked them to refund me £2.50 credit for which I bought a game with which wouldn't download and due to the delay in their response the 24 hour period had expired as well although it wouldn't work anyway!

Anyone else got a D500 because it might just be the phone (even though it's on the compatibility list!).
Well, not sure about the D500, but they installed onto my wifes phone which is a D900 without problem. Also got the games on my work mobile which is a Sony Ericcson K750i and my phone which is a Motorola V3i.
hi all
these games that are free ,you download the game to your phone not your simcard so if you have anyfriends on o2 ,give them your sim card to go in there phone and they will also get the same game for long as they do it within 24hrs .
hope this helps:giggle:
Downloaded the settings of O2's site but still doesn't want to connect
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