FREE game server for 1 month! (Including Minecraft & Garry's Mod)

FREE game server for 1 month! (Including Minecraft & Garry's Mod)

Found 2nd Sep 2014
A company closed quite recently and transfered over to Plug Pay Play who are now offering a 100% discount code for 1 month on any game servers.

You can add your selected amount of slots/RAM and this will still be 100% free for the first month!

you MUST use the coupon code 'neon' at checkout (without the '')

You don't need to add a credit card/PayPal etc - just hit checkout!!
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Proof: 22711141-XX93q

I think the servers they host are either Windows or Linux, not 100% sure
Can you cancel after ordering so it doesn't renew? I mean it can't renew as it doesn't have the card details but can you cancel so they don't start demanding money.
Signed up. Thanks OP!

Edit: Yes M0nk3h, you can cancel the service in the client area.
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You can cancel at any time, simply by logging into your Client Area, finding your ordered service and 'Cancel service at end of billing month'.

There is obviously no catch as you don't need to enter any credit card details/paypal info
offer has ended?

offer has ended?

Unfortunately.. Sorry!
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