FREE Game to Eat Recipe Booklet 2008

FREE Game to Eat Recipe Booklet 2008

Found 10th Dec 2008
You can download a PDF version of the 2008 Recipe booklet by using [link in next post] or order a hard copy by completing this form.

Please use this form to order a copy of your recipe booklet.
"Game-to-Eat Recipe Booklet 2008 - A5, 12 page recipe booklet containing recipes for:
Roast Partridge with Thyme Butter, Wild Mushrooms and Parsnip Pur? Roasted Partridge with Game Chips; Spiced Plum and Venison Salad; Venison Steak with Celeriac and Apple Gratin and Spiced Red Cabbage; Pot Roasted Pheasant with Cider, Apples and Celeriac; Pan Seared Breast of Pheasant with Smoked Bacon Roasted Figs; Mixed Game Pie"


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]link for pdf

yum. My local butcher has started doing pigeon, gineau fowl etc - I've been tempted but wasn't sure what to do with it.:thumbsup:

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not sure why it's voted cold as i see it as encouraging people to try and cook properly instead of doing takeaways and eating processed food all the time.

redorangepenguin, if you do succeed in using any of the recipes will you post a picture ... yummm.

voted hot Kipmeister :thumbsup:

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hey thanks
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