Gameloft turns 10 years old this month, and because this is such a special event weve decided to launch our iPhone Happy Hour to celebrate with all our fans out there. What this means is that for 2 hours every day from May 10th to May 21st (except weekends), one of our iPhone/iPod touch games will be available for free! Yes, youre reading it correctly, FREE! Its our birthday but were the ones offering you presents 10 great iPhone games!

We wont reveal the 10 games or what times well offer themin advance so follow us on Twitter at twitter.com/gam…oft to find out. Dont miss the daily tweet because the time of the Happy Hour will change every day and youll have only 2 hours to get your game!

Enjoy our iPhone Happy Hour!


1. How can I participate? What do I have to do?

This is not a contest! There are no questions to answer or no lottery to enter. Everybody can grab a game for free once he/she sees the Happy Hour tweet and time hasnt run out yet.

2. How do I download the game?

The same way you would usually download it: on the App Store! You wont even have to search for it, a direct link to the App Store, accessible from both your computer, your iPhone or your iPod touch, will be inserted in the tweet.

3. Is there a limit of free games youll deliver?

No, once a game is free, there will be no limit of people who can download it in the 2-hour window. Just be quick!

4. Are the Happy Hour also for iPad?

No, sorry, only iPhone and iPod touch.

5. I live in country XXX, can I benefit from the Happy Hour?

All countries where the App Store game section is available are eligible. You obviously need an iTunes account to download a game, even if its free. One of the reasons well change the time of the Happy Hour every day is for everybody in the world to have a chance to take advantage of it!

6. Is Twitter the only way to know? Is there anywhere else I can know about the free game of the day and when the Happy Hour start?

Well only communicate the availability of each free game on Twitter. This is because it allows for instant communication with our fans and the Happy Hour only last 2 hours. You may find the news elsewhere on the web about it but we cant guarantee the Happy Hour will still be running when you see it.

7. I dont have a Twitter account, what should I do?

We suggest you create one, it takes only a few seconds from twitter.com/ ! Once youre done and connected, go to twitter.com/gam…oft and click on Follow. Youll then receive all our Tweets on the home page of your Twitter account. You can also download one of the numerous Twitter clients from the App Store. Plenty of them are free and they allow you to receive tweets directly on your iPhone or iPod touch.


Cheers for heads up (:


can anyone post the releases for non tweeters?

They've just updated their twitter to say Zombie Infections free. Looks decent enough, tho not updated to free on itunes yet....

Sorry, turns out I'm an idiot. They've just updated to say Zombie Infection is available, its a new game just released. Whoops, just saw a game on their twitter and thought that was the deal.

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Please note that Zombie Infection will not be for free, they just tweeted to confirm that it is being released today. Yesterday Monday 10th may Ferrari GT:Evolution was for free - although it was so **** that I didn't want it for free! Let's hope they will come up with something better today, yet still free is free right? Cannot complain Ill try to put the latest tweets on this deal. Cheers

i want the settlers!!!

Move to Dover then


Move to Dover then

lol :-D

Actually, I'm a bit torn on this freebie. I have Shrek Karts and Let's Golf so I don't want them to be given free - ( ;-) ) - and I don't like the look of much else - maybe that Uno, the free version was good for the 10 seconds it lasted. Any recommendations? I know it sounds a bit churlish to be asking for recommendations when it's going to be free but nothing is getting me excited yet

Definitely recommend Let's Golf, a bit cartoony but great for the Doctor's waiting room, time flies past

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Get anything they offer so even when the prices will go up you can still get it for free as you have purchased it.

Chuck Norris is #FREE for 2 hours j.mp/9KcubU Follow @Gameloft to know when next free game is #iPhone #HappyHour

still listed as 59p in uk for me


Says 59p in the UK 99c in the US...

59p for me- followed the link from twitter!;-)

It showing as Free now.

Hehe, basically they won't reveal what the times are because they don't know how long the apple interns will take to update the store.

Chuck Norris is free for me now tho.

fab thanks just downloaded

Just downloaded as well.....thanks


Not showing as free for me. Guess I missed the 2 hour window.

thanks, already download enough from edonkey. always free.

Jailbroken iPod FTW!

Castle of Magic is now free for today!

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Haha I had my iPhone jailbroken before it's not a problem lol you just have to have a pair of hands and head on your neck oh and google search engine but when I had my iPhone jailbroken and 100s of games I just didn't want to play them. It was boring, now I buy a new app every week and I never get bored. But that's just me ;p



Castle of Magic is now free for today!

missed todays :roll:

Killer hornet I'm shocked!!

yet agree lol

missed it last night...
Real Tennis is #FREE for 2 hours ]http//j.…2Ad Follow @Gameloft to know when next free game is #iPhone #HappyHour
about 10 hours ago via web

what a rubbish idea; if you're going to give away a free game per day to promote your business, make it 24hrs!!!


Real Tennis not showing as free on web or App store

It was just for two hours I think - I managed to get it at just before 1am last night so I guess it was the 2 hours 11pm - 1 am. Don't worry, it's not a classic.

Nothing for Android users then?

That's the price you pay for superior technology I suppose

Just noticed that Real Tennis 2009 is free again, I assume its just for 2 hours so be quick. :thumbsup:

it's still free now at 4.05pm...

Its gone back up to £2.99 now.

Bailout Wars is #FREE for 2 hours j.mp/9bUDpo Follow @Gameloft to know when next free game is #iPhone #HappyHour

Thanks Elsie, just grabbed Bailout Wars for free.

Rise of the lost empires is the latest free game, grab it quick!!

Last one!! I posted on freebies but just in case people look here instead...

Last #iPhone #HappyHour : Siberian Strike is #FREE for 2 hours j.mp/bZynsd Follow @Gameloft for more giveaways very soon
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