FREE GAMES! (You pay £3.49 P&P)

FREE GAMES! (You pay £3.49 P&P)

Found 16th Jul 2006
Free games, 'aye ;P

They do work - I recieved my Hitman and Colin McRae quite recently - Colin McRae was even boxed and un-used! (As was Hitman, but no box unfortunately).

P&P costs 4.99 Euros - so highly worth it imo. Some great games like Splinter Cell, Colin McRae, Invisible War etc.

Shipping and Handling is £3.49 pounds for all UK orders and 4.99 euros for all European orders. This maybe subsidised if you have a Gainward Voucher code.
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Thanks for this It's very similar to the SavaPoint deals.
It says savapoint at the bottom of the page Ray... !?
Hehe Well spotted :roll:

Maybe that discount code will work on there then?
HHmmmm - worth a try...!

Edit - just tried it, don't think it does...
No I tried it too I didn't think it would work, as there is no price value on the software itself.
There are some delivery discount codes but I have no idea where to get them / they didn't come with any of my orders..
Thanks anyway fps_kyle The software is worth the £3.49
i was thinkin bout gettin hitman contracts from the shop but thanks to you i will get it even cheaper now karma most defo given
where the karma go didnt know it had been removed
dino - there is a reputation button now:

[image missing]

See it under our names? :wink:

Does anyone know what the supposed delivery codes are??

Their website

Step 2: If you have a Gainward Voucher Code, please enter it in the box … Step 2: If you have a Gainward Voucher Code, please enter it in the box provided and press “enter”, if you have a valid voucher you will get either Free delivery or subsidised delivery for your first product. If you do not have a voucher code you will be charged a modest fee of £3.49 pounds or €4.99 euro

yea i noticed after i said it but cheers emma for the help
Nope, I will keep looking though Duckmagicuk2, someone must have them out there!
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