Free Garden design course

Free Garden design course

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Free Garden design course

for anyone interested - get ideas - freebies etc

The GardenAdvice advisors have designed this course to help you design your own garden at home. The course has been designed for novice and experienced gardeners. To complete the course you do not need any plant knowledge, landscape knowledge or drawing skills.

* Design sheets
* "How to" instruction guides on CD-ROM
* Finding your new garden concept
* Choosing a style - Setting the scale - Basic design skills, general design
* Design problems - Hard landscaping elements
* Planting designs - Finishing touches
* Soil testing kits
* Contact details for your appointed GardenAdvice designer


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fair dos -:thumbsup:

The first question most people ask is "how come the course is free and … The first question most people ask is "how come the course is free and what is the catch" Well the course is free because we have found its a great way to promote our internet site and the services we offer. At the end of the course you will receive a garden plan and plant and material lists that will include costs to show you how much the garden would cost you to build. You will never be asked to buy and plants or materials from us. However we have supplied many people at their request with plants and materials to create the garden they have designed with us.


I like this, its different but im still gonna do it!! lol

Holly, where do you find all theses freebes?

Another qual find from Holly....H + R Added

Thanks nice share :thumbsup:
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