FREE Garlic bread or Dough Balls from Pizza Express

FREE Garlic bread or Dough Balls from Pizza Express

Found 17th Aug 2009
When it asks for your receipt number, just enter your name or any unique referance just in case its been used before.

It also says on the voucher there is not restriction to the amount of vouchers you can use per party so print away.

Complete a short survey(Took me less than a minute to complete) and as a thank you PE will create you a voucher for either of the above to enjoy with your next meal.

Whether you've had a great, average or disappointing experience at Pizza Express they would like to hear about it.

Can be bad, a little something for a little bit of your time. The survey is aimed at customers that have recently been but I am sure we can all recall a visit at some stage that can be reviewed.
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????deal????????? not free as you have to buy goods to obtain ???????????????
Just asking
FREE means to me something that I dont have to pay for. Of course you need to be going there anyway and yes I know they have loads of deals on ever so often but there are gaps in between when then dont and even though only £2, every little helps. When you start the survey it asks for your receipt number but if you enter DONT KNOW it goes past that. Just review to your best knowledge and understanding following you last visit.
i used the 'i dont know' but said this has already been used. any other ideas/receipt numbers?
use anything by the looks of it, as long as its not been used before. Your name will probably do and be unique.
Thanks, I will use the voucher when Pizza Express have special offers on
worked for me, thank you.
Ok for me as im a member:)
Just entered my name and it went straight through, printed a few copies off as well to give to family & friends
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