Free Gary Barlow Specials Edition CD via Comparethemarket

Free Gary Barlow Specials Edition CD via Comparethemarket

Found 21st Nov 2013
Free Special edition CD - Gary Barlow. Reviews as follows

Use code KA38C83BZ at checkout.

Gonna go cold but hey it's a free Xmas present to give someone!


Code use exceeded

Really like his music but he has annoyed me so much on tv, have to vote cold
plus how much of your data will be used for selling junk mail by this company

Order went fine just now, got confirmation! Heat for you mate

Got same message as #1: This voucher has been applied the maximum number of times for this order

Edit - Just tried on mobile site & it worked! Got email conf immediately too. Thank you very much
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try it on mobile people

Not liking Gary Barlow is a stupid reason to vote cold; it's about the offer working, not the artist.

Edit; however, it doesn't work anymore. >.<

Edit 2; worked on mobile.

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try it on mobile people

Well done aiman222 worked on mobile site.

Works on the mobile site, thanks!

How to get to mobile site ."..


How to get to mobile site ."..

try opening the link on your mobile phone, however i think they could have caught on because its opening the full site on my phone now ......


Well done aiman222 worked on mobile site.

no worries

Original Poster

Use mobile site and don't click on a current, use the x to close the pop up window. Can't use against standard albums only the one with meerkats on the cover.

Original Poster

^^ currency not current!

Hot! Thanks order gone through on the mobile

Worked fine on me phone thanks!

I'm not really a Gary Barlow fan but I'll take it as a freebie (_;)

Confirmation email says I have.

If it does arrive, will make a good stocking filler.

Heat for farmergiles

My mum will love this a chrimbo present! Hot from me

Cheers heat added just used my fone and got confirmation

Mobile app worked for me, heat added..

Haven't got an confirmation yet...

Worked and got confirmation just now on the mobile, hot from me, whether it gets delivered is something else!

ordered thanks

Ditto. Confirmation received! Fingers crossed eh?

Can't seem to get it to work, getting the same error message as previous posters.

Worked on mobile - order confirmation received, just wait for it to arrive now!

Just worked for me on mobile site thanks

Cheers, worth a punt

Failed on the PC, so it was a bit of a faff on my slow-poke phone, but it seemed to work. Can't check for a confirmation e-mail as Outlook seems to be having some problems, will check later. Fingers crossed!

Can only find a competition on the site to win one - is this correct?

Worked fine for me. This will make a perfect present.

Still okay via mobile.Thanks:)

still working via mobile site... cheers op

Worked for me, thank you.


Saves going to Poundland after Xmas.

just done it via my mobile and it works, received my confirmation email straight away too. Cheers OP

worked for me too, on the mobile website. many thanks

how many can you order can my parents order one each as well at same address?

Still working - wonder if it will be honoured.....Heat and thanks OP just the same

Tried on my phone, it worked and had confirmation email thanks!!
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