FREE Geeky Valentine Cards (Star Wars, Dr who etc) @ ebuyer

FREE Geeky Valentine Cards (Star Wars, Dr who etc) @ ebuyer

Found 27th Jan 2015
Lots of us must know a "geek" or someone who would appreciate one of these more than the more traditional (ok soppy!) cards that are in the shops?

Download a free Valentine's Day Card.

If you're struggling to find the perfect card for a certain geek in your life, look no further! Send them a love letter they won't forget this year with one of our geeky Valentine's Day cards, designed to help you level up your Cupid skill and win over that special somebody.

The range of cards covers a range of geek chic favourites, from science fiction and video game nerdery to maths and science quotations that will show your loved one just how much you care. Take a look at the selection to really make this Valentine's Day your own.
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Heat added karri, cheers
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Heat added karri, cheers

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