Free Giff Gaff Sim Card
Free Giff Gaff Sim Card

Free Giff Gaff Sim Card

Free sim card from Giff Gaff.


great idea but its the same price as asda mobile (which is based on the vodafone network)

plus they have not finalized their internet fees yet.. but i bet it will be similar to ASDAs

Agree. For now it is better as internet fees are zero, however, disturbing that they do not yet publicise what their fees will be after May. In my opinion that is what lets down most cheap PAYG plans and there is sadly nothing to suggest they willl be as cheap as asda in this "hidden" respect.

Free 0800 is a BIG differentiator. Too good to be true (for very long?). This O2 isn't it?

Unable to have the SIM activated without topping up first. Bad deal!
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