Free Gift box @ Harvey Nichols with order over ONLY £150!!!
Free Gift box @ Harvey Nichols with order over ONLY £150!!!

Free Gift box @ Harvey Nichols with order over ONLY £150!!!

Wow, must be the deal of the century, all you've got to do is spend £150 online and they have the decency to give you a FREE gift box!!!!!!!


is it gold plated?

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is it gold plated?

Here's hoping, was wondering if they'd engrave it for me!!!:whistling:

Is it filled with loads of HN goodies then? It cant be just a cardboard box can it?!!!!!

Such overwhelming generosity. I'm wellin' up 'ere me. Who says the age of philanthropy is dead?

So it's a cardboard box with their name on it, Tesco's have loads for free to carry your shopping home in, Tesco chips box / peas etc, Sorry HAS to be cold
https://shop.harveynichols.com/pws/images/img_landing_freegiftbox.jpg :thinking: :thinking:

Me thinks that lynz412 is trying for an Absolute Zero (0 Kelvin) score so I will help lynz412 on the way!

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hahahahaha! I can't believe it that even ONE person thought you were being serious here! Voted cold for fun :thumbsup:

Rubbish deal. My local BMW dealer had the best deal - spend some £30-50 (can't remember exactly) on a winter check (that everyone else does for free) and they would give you...for free...wait for it....a set of number plates with their name on. Wow!

Just hold on to your hats everybody. What has not ben mentioned here is that inside the box is a gift. Its a stately home.... Sod Hall.
What a joke. If anything offering such a pointless incentive would put me off and make me shop elsewhere.
Cant vote it hot cos it might burn the box, cold it is then, but good work highlighting the ridiculousness of this offer.

If you return your order will they want the box back?
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