Free Gift for Religious people
Free Gift for Religious people

Free Gift for Religious people

Direct link >>‌ secure.fatima.org/for…asp

Among the freebies available there are a rosary, holy water, a scapular and a picture. Select those who want and complete the form

We are pleased to be able to offer you the following items as free gifts. These are provided through the generosity and kindess of many thousands of friends and benefactors and we ask only that you remember them and the intentions of Our Lady's Apostolate in your prayers and at Holy Mass. We pray that these pious sacramentals and holy objects will bring you ever closer to the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary. May God bless you.


Apparently, you can ask for them but you may not actually get a reply. Free gifts work in mysterious ways.

Pray and you will get your items


If you get one its because they love you. If you don't then its because they work in mysterious ways. If you get it and its broken then it wasn't your time but they were sending you a message/sign.
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