Free Glass & Polishing Cloth @ E Cloth

Free Glass & Polishing Cloth @ E Cloth

Found 7th Jan 2011Made hot 9th Jan 2011
You get a free Polishing cloth, just fill in your details.
It says send to a friend but just send it to yourself.

Using just water, the E-cloth Kitchen Pack provides a deep, smear free clean by breaking up and holding grease and dirt, which ordinary cloths leave behind.

* Gives a better clean Removes all dirt and grease
* Saves time Just spray water on surface and wipe
* Save money No chemicals to buy, No paper towels needed, Guaranteed for 300 washes.
* Safe for the environment Chemical free cleaning
Here the right link…nd/


From where? Link doesn't work!


:Dthank you, have given it a go


cheers !

These cloths are really useful,have had one for a few years now.


Send your friend a FREE trial size Glass & Polishing E-cloth*.

Thought that trial size would be useless but details say Cloth size 19x19cm. The regular size appears to be 40 x 50cm (£4.99).

Thanks .

That's the wife's birthday sorted........ta

Good find, won't they decline the request as you put your name and email in both sections??

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Well when I did it I just made up another name and put my name in the friend section... worked

Thanks you. I'm my own best friend :-)

Dead link. COLD !!!

stuart connacher

Dead link. COLD !!!

I think something is dead, but it isn't the deal...

Just ordered 2.....thanks.


We've had 2 of these - one this size and one bigger for ages. They were good for getting the grime of the kitchen gadgets.


Great for using as a duster on high gloss tv cabinet.....gonna order a couple ....good find, thanks!

Thank you

I filled in form and submitted and got a message that page is not found.

My link doesn't work.

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Stout drinker

My link doesn't work.…nd/

Try this link its still working for me




Can't even get the e-cloth main website to come up - must've blown a fuse

Heat added though because still a good deal!

thank you

A thank you!

Thanks :0)

thank you to Safy78621 and to all the people who have commented.
Just sent for one...:D

Just ordered to give my husband a hint to do the housework, while I am at work!

Ordered many thanks

Thanks, just entered hubby and at his old email and he sent it to me his friend at my email address. Went through fine.
Heat added thanks
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