Free Glutafin Xmas Recipe Book

Free Glutafin Xmas Recipe Book

Found 8th Dec 2007
Enjoy festive puddings, pies and cakes with your free glutafin christmas recipe book.


Nice find - but can I please point out that this book is recipes for people who are allergic to gluten - so not really suitable for everyone.

The recipes use Glutafin's products, which are available via prescription for coeliacs - so the recipe book will be pretty much useless you have the products. So, perhaps leave this one for people who are coeliacs?

My mum has every food allergy going - voted hot thanks

I think Melissab is right leave for the coeliacs

LOL ... I'm a coeliac, so I applied for this, thinking 'this should be useful, I can make some nice Christmas treats for myself'... the order confirmation says I should receive it in about 28 days !! Oh well, I can put it somewhere safe for next Christmas !

Cool, going to order one for my mum. Shes a coeliac as well but can make break and cakes anyway. Usually alot better than the prescription **** that she gets. Might give her a few ideas!!
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