Free Gonzo Gonzalez Jazz Album
Free Gonzo Gonzalez Jazz Album

Free Gonzo Gonzalez Jazz Album

Gonzo Gonzales - Nothing but Gonzo
Genre: Psychedelia, Jazz
The first track on Nothing But Gonzo makes it clear that this is not your normal nue-jazz or jazz fusion outing. Gonzo Gonzales, a trio of trumpet, bass, and percussion, starts out growling and menacing. The second track is live and offered 12 minutes of creative improvisations that presses the limits of tonality but always remains loyal to the funky beats. From there on, it only gets better. The music hovers somewheres between funk, avant-garde and psychedelica. There are a few guests who add some surprises to the proceedings with instruments like the didgeridoo, flute and guitar but I prefer it when the trio is lay bare with nothing but rhythm and a bass line allowing the very talented trumpeter to spread out. This is an exciting album of creative jazz.


Cool. Thanks. Something to listen too one time.

hmmm, yes I think one listen will probably be enough.......:whistling:

I like Jazz - cheers :thumbsup:

i'll give it a go thanks
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