Free Goody Bag
Register for further information on DURABLE Computer Cleaning Week® and receive a FREE Goody Bag containing product samples, bugs, sticky notes, a guide to making your life cleaner and lots more! All you need to GO BUG FREE!

The 'goody bag' page has now been removed from the site. The link still works from this site but the company has run out of goody bags and won't be able to fulfil any further requests.

- ndownton


Another one I can Vote++ for!!

Ooooo Nice one, again :thumbsup:

Original Poster

Although it seems like its aimed at businesses, a company name or position or even the phone number is not required to be filled in...:-D

'Sorry, your details could not be sent.' :confused:

No sample then no business, what a shame!

Worked for me......twice.:thumbsup: .
Deal just got hotter.


I think you need to put an e-mail address in for it to work.

hot stuff -cheers
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