FREE Goodyear Safety Info Armband
FREE Goodyear Safety Info Armband

FREE Goodyear Safety Info Armband

As a leading tyre safety and innovation expert we have joined forces with British Eventing to champion the roll-out of a life-saving initiative, which will now be adopted across other sports.

We have produced thousands of safety arm bands, which allow participants to carry information about their blood group, allergies, family contacts and other vital information designed to save the lives of horse riders and sports people across the country.

The waterproof and luminous bands fit comfortably onto the sleeve and could save vital time in the event of riders having to be treated for an injury, and will be sported by the likes of Zara Phillips during British Eventing's competitive season.

We will also be rolling out the band to all sports and initiatives that carry a risk factor including marathon runners, the Duke of Edinburgh award, climbers, skiers, sailing and yachting amongst others.

The armband contains a sealed pouch which holds a small booklet of information completed by the wearer, and British Eventing's Winnie Murphy is delighted that Goodyear is making the product accessible to non-professional riders.

She said: "I think once people see the bands and realise what sense they make then there will be a big push for them to be worn - and not just by riders but also by a wider audience.

"We know from experience at events that if a rider is knocked out essential treatment can be delayed if key information about the individual cannot be accessed. The bands will make these vital details readily available and speed up the process.

"The bands that Goodyear is giving away are for non-eventing riders only as British Eventing provides specialised bands for professional eventers."

We have thousands of bands to give away and are distributing them free of charge on a first come first served basis. Get yours now..


i would hate to be riding and ahave an accident and for the doctors not to know who i was, scary nice post, have ordered one thanks

Good post. Many other uses for this innovation. Thanks

Thanks! H & R added

great find, thanks

thanks, i love riding and this will be very helpful.
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