Free Graze box + 1 at half price - total £1.74 delivered

Free Graze box + 1 at half price - total £1.74 delivered

Found 17th Jan 2011
Saw an advert in the Sunday Telegraph, and was suprised that no one had posted this voucher/deal! First box free, 2nd box is half price at £1.74. Quite a bargain if you ask me. May be able to get Quidco too (£1). Enter the code below to get this offer. According to the T&Cs this offer is valid until 6 months after publication, which would be 16 July 2011.


1. This offer expires 6 months after the date of publication. 2. To register for your free box, a valid credit or debit card is required. 3. You will NOT be charged for the free box. 4. You can cancel your regular deliveries at any time. 5. Existing customers or those who have previously enjoyed a free box with Graze are not eligible. 6. After your free box, you will automatically continue getting weekly boxes unless you cancel your regular deliveries online (which you can do at any time). 7. This offer may not be redeemed in conjunction with any other offer and is limited to one per household. 8. Terms and conditions apply. Visit…rms for further details.


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This will get cold as Graze do similar offers all the time. I, and I … This will get cold as Graze do similar offers all the time. I, and I suspect all ex-members, got an e-mail around New Year offering one free box and a further three for half price.

thanks for letting me know why this was getting so cold! But I couldn't see any valid current promo offers so I don't see why so cold?

repost this was up 2 days ago

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repost this was up 2 days ago

Couldnt find it...

Thank you, although people say it has already been listed, I don't read all listings. Somedays I don't have time. I have taken advantage of this. Ta again

look forward to my graze box..i will spread the word,excellent concept !

A similar post 2 mths ago went to 406deg and yet this one goes minus!!

I bet a lard burger post would go red hot!!

Well done for posting imo but, like me, I doubt that you'll bother to post any more to receive no gratitude at all


very harsh ratings! i joined graze with a similar code and wasnt sure if i was doing thr right thing. However its a brilliant service and i've tried foods i never thought i would try, let along heard of.
Pricey but i would spend this on junk food anyway.

Same deal can be got with code GOODFOODFREE from the BBC good food magazine.
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