Free Graze Box @ Graze
Free Graze Box @ Graze

Free Graze Box @ Graze

Sign up to graze through top cashback and get first box free, second half price and also £1.01 cashback! Choose from either a nibble biz or a nutrition box, can't go wrong for a freebie!


Why cold? Am I missing something?!

Posted a million times before and its signing up for weekly purchases unless you cancel. This will be voted stone cold.

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What about lovefilm etc it's signing up till you cancel n they get voted hot! Why not just get a free box get your cashback then cancel, simple!!

Really east to cancel with them, I found them a good company to deal with.

I agree its easy to cancel but really poor value at £3.49 for 4 small (and I mean small) samples.

Oh, ok - thankyou!

Having done this and not been stupid enough to forget to cancel, I can't work out why this is could. If you've got any sense and not done it you should it's a great freebie!

Even though it has been posted already before, I think its a good reminder to ppl so I think its still a freebie..

Very small samples, but it is free!


hot hot hot for me
as they even offer you another free box to come back when you cancel after the first free box ... I'm on my third free box so far X)

How does this company make any money?!

I got offered a second free box after cancelling, then the next 3 at half price - £1.74. Then another half price 'cos one box arrived a day late. Don't know how they keep going but the stuff is quite tasty!!!

Food is very good. Recommended a few people so am getting it cheaper. But it seems that i should cancel and re-join to get more freebies. Quantities are not massive but what do you expect for 85p a portion with free delivery.
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