free graze box ! sign up to receive your box then cancel anytime

free graze box ! sign up to receive your box then cancel anytime

Found 28th Sep 2015
Just saw an advert on TV that you can sign up to receive a free graze box then cancel afterwards if its not your thing !
i know a few people how have these and they really rate them
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They have done this offer since they first came out lol
Didn't they change it to buy one get one free?
didn't know that ! lol just saw on TV and thought you can't really go wrong with a freebie !
I'm not really into bird/rabbit food but have tried a trial box, and they are surprisingly good.

heat I love them, been a member for 3yrs
I've ordered it. However worth noting that using the deal link takes you to the standard homepage with no offer applied and their standard offer is only for a half price and not free first box. However a quick google search for "free graze box" brings up the right page.

Looks a great service, some really interesting snack ideas on there, though will have to see if the boxes have enough in them to continue at £3.99 a time....
i love graze too. Been a member since 10months. Go for it
I got my first free variety box. The quality is spectacular and I genuinely enjoyed all four of the included snacks but as I feared the catch is that the portion sizes are tiny and you only get a selection of four things, not too bad when it's free but if the paid for boxes are no bigger? I'm not convinced I'll be continuing for long.

To be fair I guess considering they have to factor postage into the £3.99 it's about as good as can be expected and I appreciate the high quality of what was included.....
Use code BOOHOO1 to get your 1st and 5th boxes free.
Or just take the free one then remove your card details & cancel your 'subscription' if you only want to try one.
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