Free Green Gadgets - energy saving plug and/or water widget
Free Green Gadgets - energy saving plug and/or water widget

Free Green Gadgets - energy saving plug and/or water widget

The LIME Energy Saving Plug
Don't just standby, start saving energy with a free LIME energy saving plug worth £19.99. This intelligent plug provides total shutdown in one easy click through your remote control. Leaving items on standby wastes energy and money, so start thinking 'savings' not 'standby' with a free LIME energy saving plug and you could save up to £20 on your energy bills.

The Water Widget
One fifth of a household’s carbon footprint already comes just from heating water (source: Act On CO2), turn your shower into an ecoshower and save money on your energy and water bill. This clever gadget takes less than 5 minutes to fit and cuts the amount of water used by 70% whilst still maintaining the performance of your shower. For a typical 3 bedroom house this could result in a saving of £80 off your annual bill. Not suitable for low flow showers and not recommended for electric showers.



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Getting same error message with both links...

Original Poster

Have expired even though link works fine for me...

Alternatively... type in freegreengadgets on google

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I got mine : heat added

This has been running for ages. Applied and got a confirmation email bur never received. Yes, am eligible. Has anyony received one?

I had one come through from post months ago, took ages though, pretty good little plug, turns everything off without having to mess around

Glad to hear someone got one. There may be hope for me yet.

just like "bonnyboo22" i too received the lime energy saving plug.
I had a fairly new TV and the plug resulted in the TV going absolutely crazy - the channels would change, volume goin up nd down, constant beeping.
I took the plug out nd the TV went back to normal
so i'd advise that if u dont want this to happen to ny of ur appliances, then just sell the plug off for a fiver (which u should get easily).

in addition to receiving a energy plug, i also recently ordered the water widget.
i'd have to say tht it is a handy piece of equipment, if u r truly passionate about the environment.
i dont pay the bills, so not sure how tht has made an impact.
i would definitely advise u to order this, if u usually use the shower

getting "session expired" page when attempting to access offer

This seems to be posted somewhere on the site everyday ?

Just ordered - with Carboncreditz link
It is for all UK household & not restricted to over 70 or those on any benefits.
Offer until 31 Dec 2010

Mainland UK only

can't even get on to order plug keeps a saying expired what a load of rubbish!!

Thanks op, I've never been able to get the website to work. But now I still the Session expired page but I clicked on the link and was taken to freegreengadgets.co.uk/ind…php, which worked for me. I ordered the plug.

Mine arrived yesterday.

wont accept postcode help

Can't get anywhere with website.
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