Free Greggs Breakfast Roll.

Free Greggs Breakfast Roll.

LocalFound 28th Nov 2017
Free Greggs Breakfast Roll.

It’ll probably only be added to live accounts.
I’ve got a couple of accounts that I don’t use but it’s not on them account. So account specific. Check your rewards account.

Got an email from Greggs.
“What’s better than rashers of hot sizzling bacon, succulent sausages or cheesy omelette in pillowy soft bread? FREE hot sizzling bacon, succulent sausages or cheesy omelette in pillow soft bread. That’s what! And thanks to our friends at Heinz you’ve got a free breakfast roll deal on your Greggs Rewards account to enjoy.

Choose from bacon, sausage or egg in our deliciously soft corn-topped roll and then add any regular hot drink, freshly ground Fairtrade coffee or tea.

Now for the big decision - Red versus Brown, which sauce will you pick?

Choose between Heinz Tomato Ketchup or HP Sauce to go with your free delicious breakfast treat!”
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Not here...
Not on mine.
Mine shows a free bottle of Coke Zero expires 12.12.17.
On mine a while now. Expires on 11.12.1
wow didnt realise this was on there. expires in 2 days i think its been there nearly a month
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I got my free breakfast today
doll280830 m ago

I got my free breakfast today

me Too!
Got it on mine too

hats off to this website though where free food gets downvoted.

You’re an odd bunch
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Just got the email and showing in my app
faipdeooiad24 m ago

Got it on mine toohats off to this website though where free food gets …Got it on mine toohats off to this website though where free food gets downvoted. You’re an odd bunch

Probably being down voted as it's a repost from a couple of weeks ago.
Yep got a bacon roll and a bottle of coke zero bargain
Not here
Not there.
Not here, even though I use Greggs app quite often.
On the registration has a promo code section, any promo codes?
Just had it this morning!

Note that you actually get a hot drink with it free too!!! (You can see this when you view the code in the app)

Its a 1-filling roll, but you can buy an extra filling for 25p if you like (I did)

Also had the coke zero reward to use, so this morning I had a bacon & egg roll, cappuccino, and coke zero all for the princely sum of 25p
my app has connection issues
Added last night, gone today??????
The app looks to be having problems. My reward has also vanished, but does keep re-appearing. Only when you select it, it's gone again. Same with the free coffee stamps.

It's just re-appeared and noticed it also includes a 'Free regular hot drink'.


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cant even log back on with the app. keeps having connection issues
It's not available on my account. I last used a reward in September, so it's no like my account has been inactive for years.
Useless app. Getting the connecion issue as many people are (see comments in Play store).
App sucks balls on Android at the mo, won't connect and my previous rewards have vanished, probably because...well sucks
i can't ge5 award
Cheg on! Just checked mine and I'm on both a free sausage butty and a hot drink!
Given all the problem with the app, if your reward is about to expire it may be worth sending Greggs a FB message. They said they extended my promo but we shall see, still giving me "service unavailable"...
I tried making a payment on my app 3 times and it beeped but failed, had to pay cash 3 times. Really need to give them a call to see if they will refund my credit back as its useless. Pitty as they pffers are good
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