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Free Greggs Festive Bake or Gift it to Someone Else (9-15th November) @ Vodafone VeryMe Rewards
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Free Greggs Festive Bake or Gift it to Someone Else (9-15th November) @ Vodafone VeryMe Rewards

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2364° Expired
Free Greggs Festive Bake or Gift it to Someone Else (9-15th November) @ Vodafone VeryMe Rewards
Posted 9th Nov 2020

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

New offer from VeryMe

Brighten up the darker winter days with our exclusive Greggs reward – a free Festive Bake.

We’ve teamed up with Greggs to celebrate the return of their Christmas staple. Please follow your local Government guidelines before heading to your nearest Greggs shop to pick up your free savoury treat. Or, if you don’t fancy eating it yourself, you can choose to gift your free bake to someone else instead – even if they’re not with Vodafone.

  • Festive Bake
  • Steak Bake
  • Vegan Steak Bake
  • Sausage Roll
  • Vegan Sausage Roll
  • Chicken Bake
  • Sausage and Bean Melt
  • Cheese and Onion Bake
  • Corned Beef Bake (regional product)
  • Bacon and Cheese Wrap
  • Three Cheese Pizza
  • Three Cheese and Pepperoni Pizza

All you have to decide is whether to gift it, or keep it to yourself.

~ Terms and Conditions ~

Offer Dates: The giveaway will open at 00:01 on 9 November 2020 and close at 23:59 on 15 November 2020.

Offer Detail: The offer is a free single Savoury Bake from Greggs. Offer is only valid on one single Savoury Bake item, which includes: Festive Bake, Steak Bake, Vegan Steak Bake, Sausage Roll, Vegan Sausage Roll, Chicken Bake, Sausage and Bean Melt, Cheese and Onion Bake, Corned Beef Bake (regional product), Bacon and Cheese Wrap, Three Cheese Pizza, Three Cheese and Pepperoni Pizza. Any extra product(s) outside of the one qualifying product included with the promotional code will be charged to the customer accordingly. Unique valid code must be shown to a member of staff to redeem. There are 40,000 single Savoury Bakes to giveaway. The first 40,000 people to claim a code in the VeryMe Rewards app will be able to claim this giveaway. To claim the offer, you must claim a code within the VeryMe Rewards app and present / read this unique code to a member of staff at the point of purchase. Customers will have until shops close on the 15 November 2020 to redeem their code at a participating Greggs shop. Once users have claimed the code, they will have the option to gift their code via WhatsApp, SMS, or email. If a user opts to gift their code, that user accepts that they will not be able to use the code themselves. When claiming the free Savoury Bake, users should select “Get Code” in the VeryMe Rewards app for the code they wish to claim. Users can then choose to either redeem the reward themselves or select “Give a gift”. If the user wishes to gift the code and selects “Give a gift”, they will then have the choice to send the code by either WhatsApp, SMS, or email. The user should then select the recipient from their contacts list and send the pre-populated message to the chosen recipient with the link to the reward. Using this method, one entry can be submitted per user.
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